3 Ways to Give Back with Macy’s Believe Campaign

Holiday traditions come in many forms – from decorating the tree and shopping for loved ones to movie nights and your favorite festive foods. However, there is no holiday tradition quite as enjoyable and rewarding as giving back. Here are 3 ways that you can create and preserve this important holiday tradition with your family through the Macy’s Believe Campaign.

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2 Ways to Make Kids Feel Extra Special on Birthdays (And Learn More About Them)

Every year on each of my daughters’ birthdays, we did a tracing of their hand onto a piece of paper. I also created a birthday survey for them to fill out. Then I had my daughter sign the paper at the top and include her age and the date. My daughters loved the hand tracings and survey. In fact, if I forgot, they’d remind me! This was a wonderful way to watch them grow both mentally and physically, and has become a cherished tradition that lives on with their kids.

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