Boys are Simple, Girls are Sly

Are there differences in having boys and girls? Absolutely and without a doubt – yes! I’ve always said that my girls couldn’t be more different from each other in their personalities, but they share intrinsic similarities that, I believe, must just be female traits. Baby girls learn the art of manipulation at a very young age – don’t be fooled, it’s in the genes! Boys, on the other hand, can be read like a book!

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As a Dad of Daughters, I Have a 6th Sense & Can Scare Boyfriends

I am the father of three children. I have two daughters and a son. My kids mean everything to me. My son is growing up, and I see him maturing a little more every day. But I will always look at my daughters and see them as those same little girls I put in ponytails (with varying degrees of success) and drove to school years ago. And that is the problem. Raising daughters is tricky.

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