Experiences as a Young Parent with a Special Needs Child

I had my first child young at age 18. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of being a parent or that I follow the stigma of being a teen parent. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t better myself because of having a young child, or that I am a bad role model for others. For me personally, having my son young was the best thing that happened to me. But my son has ADHD and Austim, and I’m tired of the disapproving looks I receive when others see I’m a young parent to a special needs child.

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Things That Run My Day…and Ruin My Day

Every day that I have with my family is a blessing and a day worth living. I am a thankful gal and even in my darkest most stressful moments I remember that things could be so much worse. We don’t have to hide in caves, we are not persecuted for our beliefs, and we don’t drink out of the same watering holes as the local livestock…so yes things could be worse…waaaaaay worse. Now that we have established that the following ARE in fact first-world problems if there ever were any, here are my keys to life with littles. These things make or break me on a daily basis…

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Journaling: A Beautiful Way to Remember the “Little Things”

Children grow up quickly and all those cute little things they say and do as small children vanish from our memories, whether we think they will or not! So, I started a Journal for each of my daughters as soon as I knew I was pregnant. In the journal I told them about the pregnancy, how I told their father that “we” were pregnant, and many of the things they did — cute or not. I kept those journals going until they got married.

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