Experiences as a Young Parent with a Special Needs Child

I had my first child young at age 18. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of being a parent or that I follow the stigma of being a teen parent. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t better myself because of having a young child, or that I am a bad role model for others. For me personally, having my son young was the best thing that happened to me. But my son has ADHD and Austim, and I’m tired of the disapproving looks I receive when others see I’m a young parent to a special needs child.

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Other Mothers’ Regrets: Tough Lessons from Which We Can Learn

‘Regret.’ What a sad-sounding word — and for good reason. Gosh, if we could just avoid some regrets, “What a Wonderful World” (as Louis Armstrong sang) this would be. But relax, a couple of mothers have shared some of their regrets with us; if we take heed, maybe we can avoid making the same mistakes.

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4 Ways to Shrug It Off and Laugh at Yourself

Have you ever left the house without something that you were supposed to have, like your wallet or your keys? Perhaps you were on your way to the grocery store and realized you did not have your shopping list. I can relate to both of these and I am sure you can relate to one or both as well. Recently, I believe I set the Guinness world record for mommy forgetfulness.

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How My Father’s Death Made Me Worry About My Kids More Than Ever

I’m a paranoid mom. I know we are all a little paranoid, but sometimes I worry that I worry too much. In fact, I’m quite sure I worry too much. Yet, I can’t stop worrying. I worry about my kids’ safety, about their health, about their happiness. I’ve always worried, but the degree to which I did seemed to reach a summit after my father passed away. I think it’s because it was the first time I actually saw, right in front of me, that the life of someone you love dearly really can be snatched away from you suddenly. And I simply can’t bear the thought of life without my kids.

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