Beat the Bite, Beat the Sun: Bug Guard is Back!

Summertime is a time for playing outdoors all day, every day. Kids start biking, swimming, and romping around in the great outdoors. Summertime is also the time for sun burns and bug bites. But fear not! Skin So Soft Bug Guard is back! One product, two uses: protect skin from bug bites & sun. How easy is that for busy moms?!

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American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year Gabriella McBride Inspires Girls To Find Their Creative Voices & Speak Out

American Girl is ringing in the New Year with the debut of Gabriela McBride, the company’s new 2017 Girl of the Year! Gabriela is a true creative talent who uses the power of poetry to help her break down barriers and overcome a personal challenge with stuttering.

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