Giving Yourself Permission to Start Fulfilling Your Dreams

We all have dreams, so what stops us from going after them? Kids? Work? Money? None of these are excuses; look closer as they’re just minor hurdles that we have to jump over. Well, I for one have had enough of carrying my dreams around in my mind like an old suitcase full of clothes from my childhood. That’s right ladies, I have created a plan and given myself 30 days free to at least start on the path for a few of my dreams.

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The Art of Decision Making: When Do We Let Our Children Make the Decision?

Allowing our children to grow and learn to make their own decisions is sometimes a hard thing for a parent to do…after all, we know what’s best. Right? Usually, that’s true. But if we always make decisions for our children, what do they learn? And what happens when they get older and the decisions are much more important – maybe even life threatening? Read on to learn two mothers’ thoughts about children and decision making.

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