2 Ways to Make Kids Feel Extra Special on Birthdays (And Learn More About Them)

Every year on each of my daughters’ birthdays, we did a tracing of their hand onto a piece of paper. I also created a birthday survey for them to fill out. Then I had my daughter sign the paper at the top and include her age and the date. My daughters loved the hand tracings and survey. In fact, if I forgot, they’d remind me! This was a wonderful way to watch them grow both mentally and physically, and has become a cherished tradition that lives on with their kids.

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How My Father’s Death Made Me Worry About My Kids More Than Ever

I’m a paranoid mom. I know we are all a little paranoid, but sometimes I worry that I worry too much. In fact, I’m quite sure I worry too much. Yet, I can’t stop worrying. I worry about my kids’ safety, about their health, about their happiness. I’ve always worried, but the degree to which I did seemed to reach a summit after my father passed away. I think it’s because it was the first time I actually saw, right in front of me, that the life of someone you love dearly really can be snatched away from you suddenly. And I simply can’t bear the thought of life without my kids.

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