Unicorn Easter Eggs: How to Dye Easter Eggs More Than 40 Custom Colors

What kid doesn’t love to dye Easter eggs?! This year, don’t stop at the basic colors, mix it up by creating Unicorn Easer eggs – an entire rainbow of colors you won’t find in any kit! Use this guide, along with food color, vinegar and hot water, to make more than 40 different colors.

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Kids Learn the Art of Comedy at Yuksters

Kids and tweens get tips on their comedy videos from professional comedians on this new kid-safe site. But that’s not all…The website allows wannabe kid comedians the opportunity to learn about comedy at Yuksters’ new fun and interactive online Comedy University; make comedy videos on the site’s toy-like video editor; collaborate with other kids online to make group comedy videos; and of course, they can even get tips, critiques, and encouragement from professionals.

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