Creative and Healthy Kid-Size Snacks Recipes

The ultimate kid-friendly snack comes as a package deal – simple, delicious, nutritious and fun. One option that readily meets those demands are apples, pears and oranges perfectly sized for small hands, mouths and appetites. Smaller sized fruits, such as Lil Snappers apples or pears, Bartlett pears, and Gala apples, easily fit into bento boxes and brown bags for a wholesome lunchbox companion that leaves little waste. A dash of creativity also transforms these fruits into a favorite snacktime star – from crunchy critters to sweet treats.

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Goodness Gracious…Great Balls of Healthiness! Energy Ball Recipe

It’s the age-old question: How do you get really healthy stuff inside your toddler who is just discovering a world of sweets, chocolates, birthday parties and adoring grandparents?! I’ve been wrestling with this for a while and it was only recently when I popped into a local health shop and saw some nutritious but very expensive energy balls for sale. I wondered, “Could this could work for toddlers too?” The answer is ‘YES!’ This nutritious recipe is so simple and can be tweaked to suit your kid’s tastes.

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