What It’s Like to Be a New Mother – Infographic

Giving birth to and caring for an infant is likely the greatest challenge a woman endures. The worry, lack of sleep and dramatic lifestyle change can be overwhelming, to say the least. However, as many mothers find, it is well worth the reward of a happy, healthy and loving child. The folks at PersonalCreations recently surveyed over 1,000 mothers about their experiences with a new baby. Check out the infographic below to discover what it’s like to be a new mother!

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Here’s Why You Really Get Tech Neck: Infographic

Imagine four 15-pound bowling balls atop your head, and you’ll understand why so many people now suffer from “tech neck.” Yep, the equivalent of about 60 pounds is added to the stress on your neck every time you look down at some wireless device — think texting, for example — potentially resulting in everything from headaches to back, shoulder, neck and arm pain.

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