Sleep Better at Night, Feel Better During the Day

Sleeping should be simple, but insomnia and other sleeping disorders prevent many people from getting the rest they need for good health. Internet data suggests that approximately 246,000 searches are done on “insomnia” per month, and 60 percent of American adults report having sleep-related problems several nights a week, according to the American Psychological Association.

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How My Post-Partum Depression (PPD) Affected Breastfeeding My Son

“Why won’t you just latch on?” I whined. It wasn’t like me to act like this, but I knew at that time I wasn’t myself. I had just had my son one week before by C-section. I was sore, tired, and cranky. After I had my son, I received help from a woman who gave me information on all the benefits that came along with breastfeeding. She also taught me how to correctly position my son and get him to latch on. The problem was that I just couldn’t handle it anymore. After one week, all I wanted to do was give up.

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Teen Depression and Anxiety: The Difficult Road to Happiness

At 14 years old, my oldest daughter developed depression. To this day, we still have no real idea why. She has talked a lot about this with me over the years, as dad is her go-to for this one. That has to do with the fact that too battled this when I was younger, so I know how it feels. It has been a rough ride for my girl through this. Not knowing what is happening. Feeling like life doesn’t matter. Pulling herself away from the world. All the things that happen when dealing with depression. Emotional changes and puberty made things way worse.

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