Taking Care of Your Child’s Eyes in Today’s Digitally Dependent World

It’s clear children’s use of digital technology continues to be an integral part of their lives in both the classroom and at home, and it’s predicted that by 2028 — the year in which kids entering kindergarten this fall will graduate high school — many schools will rely heavily on computer simulations for instruction and will even incorporate virtual worlds into curricula. While these advances in the classroom may enhance learning, many digital devices are still relatively new, and the long-term effects on young eyes are not yet fully known.

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Fit Living

Is the holistic approach the way to go when it comes to your own and your children’s health? That’s certainly the advice of a variety of experts who say that a more big-picture view of “fit living” — meaning, beyond the usual warnings to, say, exercise more — can actually help improve your overall quality of life. Among those weighing in: WebMD and Sanford Health, which created the “Raising Fit Kids” informational guide.

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