Tips for Tackling Storm-Related Roof Damage

Having your home severely damaged by a storm can turn your world upside down. The damage could simply be cosmetic, or so extensive as to render your home uninhabitable. In either case, you need to act fast, but smart, to ensure that your home will be properly repaired. Often, foremost among your concerns will be your roof, as it is protects the rest of your home and possessions. Start your post-storm repair process with these tips from the experts.

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A Study of the Abyss That Is The Mom Purse

There are some things that I have become quite embarrassed about since becoming a mom. My car is a disaster zone, my “sitting room” is a toy wonderland, and my body of yester-year is where dreams go to die. My purse is another one of these devastatingly embarrassing pockets of life. Seriously though, what HAPPENED? What is all this crap in my giant mom bag? Let us take a looksie at the nasty abyss that is the mom-purse.

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Healthy Living Is All in the Family

Warm weather means barbecues and social gatherings focused on food, but it also provides more opportunities to get outside with your family and make good on your goal to lead healthy, active lives. Getting outdoors together for a regular activity or sport increases both fitness and your bonds as a family. The following simple tips may help you think about other ways your family can get active and work together on healthy eating.

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