How My Post-Partum Depression (PPD) Affected Breastfeeding My Son

“Why won’t you just latch on?” I whined. It wasn’t like me to act like this, but I knew at that time I wasn’t myself. I had just had my son one week before by C-section. I was sore, tired, and cranky. After I had my son, I received help from a woman who gave me information on all the benefits that came along with breastfeeding. She also taught me how to correctly position my son and get him to latch on. The problem was that I just couldn’t handle it anymore. After one week, all I wanted to do was give up.

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Journaling: A Beautiful Way to Remember the “Little Things”

Children grow up quickly and all those cute little things they say and do as small children vanish from our memories, whether we think they will or not! So, I started a Journal for each of my daughters as soon as I knew I was pregnant. In the journal I told them about the pregnancy, how I told their father that “we” were pregnant, and many of the things they did — cute or not. I kept those journals going until they got married.

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Set Up a Nursery with Room to Grow

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time in a couple’s lives. And while baby-proofing electrical outlets and cabinets might seem tedious, no one ever complains about designing a new nursery. If you love redecorating, you might want to change your child’s room as he or she grows. Here are five tips for decorating a nursery.

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