5 Tips for Transitioning Back to Work After a Baby

For many moms, heading back to work after maternity leave is something that has always been a part of the plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This leads to concern about not having enough time to bond with baby, stress about pumping at work and maintaining your milk supply. While you may be worrying about being separated from baby for an extended period and interrupting your carefully crafted breastfeeding schedule, there are ways to help make the transition back to work easier for you and your little one.

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Boys are Simple, Girls are Sly

Are there differences in having boys and girls? Absolutely and without a doubt – yes! I’ve always said that my girls couldn’t be more different from each other in their personalities, but they share intrinsic similarities that, I believe, must just be female traits. Baby girls learn the art of manipulation at a very young age – don’t be fooled, it’s in the genes! Boys, on the other hand, can be read like a book!

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As a Dad of Daughters, I Have a 6th Sense & Can Scare Boyfriends

I am the father of three children. I have two daughters and a son. My kids mean everything to me. My son is growing up, and I see him maturing a little more every day. But I will always look at my daughters and see them as those same little girls I put in ponytails (with varying degrees of success) and drove to school years ago. And that is the problem. Raising daughters is tricky.

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The Craziness That Comes with Having a Large Family

Having a house full of pitter-pattering feet was always a dream of mine. I have wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember. Having a large family, at least large by American standards, was never in the plans however. After baby #1 and #2 arrived and we settled into a comfortable, suburban lifestyle, my husband and I were 99.99% sure that our family was complete. That .01% led to identical twin girls a few years down the road. You read this correctly. Our number of kids DOUBLED in about 30 seconds.

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How to Develop Character in Young Children

In a typical day, it’s possible for children to spend more time engaging with technology than interacting with their peers face-to-face. As a result, the “selfie culture” is on the minds of today’s parents, who worry about how they can make sure their children grow

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Bedtime…Why Must It Come EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?!?!

My girlfriend was over one day picking her daughter up from an epic 9th birthday sleepover. We chatted in the kitchen discussing the girls and how late they went to sleep the night before. I casually told her that it didn’t really matter to me because the twins had not yet slept through the night, (FYI they are two) and come to think of it… I really could not remember having a full night’s sleep.

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