The Importance of a Morning Routine

Some of the most successful people have one thing in common: they have a strong morning routine. I know you have probably heard it a million times, but I’m going to tell it to you again: how you spend your early morning hours set the tone for your entire day. Think about it: on days that you hit your snooze button, skip breakfast, and rush to work, do you feel like you are playing catch up the rest of the day? Do you enjoy feeling disorganized and overwhelmed? Of course not! The truth is that productivity and good morning routines are connected.

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How to Survive a Lay-Off

It happens…you go to work one day thinking everything in the world is just great, only to find when you get there that you have suddenly been laid off.  No warning of any kind.  Talk about a shock.  This happened to my husband four times, but somehow we survived. I hope you never have to go through this experience, but if you do, I hope what I have to say will help in some way.

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‘Jar of Awesome’ and 20 Other Cool Jar Ideas

The ‘jarring’ concept is an easy and practical way to make positive additions or changes in your life. Create several jars on different topics or choose to focus on just one area. Each jar can be used for only yourself or get the whole family involved. Some jar ideas even lend themselves to creating a spirit of healthy competition among family members, which will provide added motivation. Here are 20+ cool jarring ideas.

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Spread the Love with the Random Acts of Kindness Generator

As we get closer to welcoming another year, we reflect on the things we are grateful for. With gratitude, comes the desire to give back. If we think about our everyday life, there are millions of ways to show kindness and help others out. Because kindness should not just be limited to the holidays, Shari’s Berries created a random acts of kindness generator. With 50+ ideas, you and your family can be kind all year long! 

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On Becoming a Widow (or Widower)…Some Lessons Learned

At the age of 62 I suddenly became a widow. I was completely blindsided by the untimely death of my husband (also 62), as he was so healthy, strong and vibrant before his sudden illness.
It’s been 2-1/2 years since his death.  At this point in my “new normal,” I have learned a great deal…but am sure I’ll be learning even more in years to come. Let me share with you some of the things I have learned along the way in the hopes that you’ll be able to avoid some of the potholes that could be on your road of grief, if not prepared.

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Careful Now America…for They are Watching You

With the election now over and our new president announced, we find that the country is divided in an extreme manner- we’re fighting, arguing, blaming – and the whole time our children are watching…and learning from our actions. We need to remember that how we act – now and always – should demonstrate good values and morals. We want our kids to be happy and get along and work together and avoid hatred. In the following post, Kristin McCarthy discusses the importance of being a good role model and how she’s talking to her own kids about the election results.

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Reintegrating Into Civilian Life: 5 Tips to Help Veterans Find a New Normal

While the transition back to civilian life after a military stint or deployment is often full of happiness, it can also be difficult and stressful to assimilate back into life at home. Roles and responsibilities within the household have often shifted and new circumstances have often arisen during time away. To help make the readjustment process easier, here are a few tips for returning soldiers and military families

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