4 Ways to Have the Best Happy, Healthy Cat Month, and Beyond

September can traditionally be a busy month. With summer coming to an end and back-to-school season in full swing, there seems to always be something on the calendar. For cat owners, September is also Happy, Healthy Cat Month. While you’re trading in beach towels for bag lunches, don’t forget to go the extra mile for your feline friends and show them how much they mean to you.

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Hot Wheels Gets Hacked By Microsoft To Teach Students STEM

Hot Wheels will be featured as part of the Microsoft Education Workshop’s STEM Saturdays. These drop-in workshops hosted at Microsoft Stores nationwide aim to remove economic barriers to STEM education. This month, participants hack a Hot Wheels car to learn about forces in motion.

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5 Tips for Throwing an Epic Easter Brunch on a Budget

Preparing an elaborate Easter spread for your family doesn’t have to be an expensive (or exhausting) endeavor. Rethinking familiar dishes and ingredients is an easy way to add a special touch to your meal. Add a dash of affordable elegance to your Easter brunch with these 5 simple tips for an epic Easter brunch on a budget.

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Unicorn Easter Eggs: How to Dye Easter Eggs More Than 40 Custom Colors

What kid doesn’t love to dye Easter eggs?! This year, don’t stop at the basic colors, mix it up by creating Unicorn Easer eggs – an entire rainbow of colors you won’t find in any kit! Use this guide, along with food color, vinegar and hot water, to make more than 40 different colors.

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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy More Family Time

Skillfully balancing your family’s demands of school, sports, activities and careers leaves little down time, but keeping family values front and center may be easier than you think when you make a commitment to carving out meaningful moments to share. Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy more family time.

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‘Jar of Awesome’ and 20 Other Cool Jar Ideas

The ‘jarring’ concept is an easy and practical way to make positive additions or changes in your life. Create several jars on different topics or choose to focus on just one area. Each jar can be used for only yourself or get the whole family involved. Some jar ideas even lend themselves to creating a spirit of healthy competition among family members, which will provide added motivation. Here are 20+ cool jarring ideas.

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