One Simple Secret To Your Kids’ Happiness!

Fact: 99.99% of parents spend at least 99.99% of their time worrying about the same thing – their child’s happiness. Well, at least I think those percentages are correct. Ok, ok so I made them up, but they feel about right. Right? In truth, it’s probably even closer to 100%, but how can we know for sure that our child is truly happy? And if we suspect that they’re not, how can we change that? It’s one of the biggies we parents have to face.

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3 Simple Steps To Guilt-Free Parenting

Ah Guilt – a parent’s constant companion! From morning until night, it follows us around like a bad smell. And when I say bad, I mean smelly-nappy-left-for-days-in-a-bin-bag-already-filled-with-rotting-meat-smelly. Just so we’re clear. No matter how good a job we do or how hard we work, we just can’t seem to shake the feeling. It’s as if we’re always accompanied by an old judge banging his over-used gavel (not a euphemism) and shouting “Guilty!” at every possible opportunity.

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