How to Survive a Lay-Off

It happens…you go to work one day thinking everything in the world is just great, only to find when you get there that you have suddenly been laid off.  No warning of any kind.  Talk about a shock.  This happened to my husband four times, but somehow we survived. I hope you never have to go through this experience, but if you do, I hope what I have to say will help in some way.

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Helpful Hint: 4 Ways a Freezer Inventory Can Save Money and Time!

Tired of standing with the freezer door open and peering in to see what’s in there that you can cook for supper? Or worse still, finding some forgotten food lost at the bottom of the freezer, only to find it years later and you have to throw it away? Set up a “Freezer Inventory” sheet. It’s helpful in more than one way. Here’s four reasons why a Freezer Inventory sheet will help you save money and time in the kitchen.

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2 Ways to Make Kids Feel Extra Special on Birthdays (And Learn More About Them)

Every year on each of my daughters’ birthdays, we did a tracing of their hand onto a piece of paper. I also created a birthday survey for them to fill out. Then I had my daughter sign the paper at the top and include her age and the date. My daughters loved the hand tracings and survey. In fact, if I forgot, they’d remind me! This was a wonderful way to watch them grow both mentally and physically, and has become a cherished tradition that lives on with their kids.

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Pecan Pie Recipe

Pecan pie is a staple in our house during the holidays. Well, really for any family gathering. This recipe has been passed down through our family and is a hit every time I make it. Instead of birthday cakes, I get requests for pecan pie. It’s that good. And easy to make too, so win-win! I hope you enjoy this absolutely delicious – and easy – pecan pie recipe!

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A Child’s “Special Time”: Giving Individual Attention

If you have more than one child, it is sometimes hard to give each child that individual attention they need and crave. One mother found a way around that obstacle. Because I think it’s such a wonderful idea, I am dedicating today’s entire column to this one suggestion. Read on to see what this mother did.

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I Did Something Right? Wonders Never Cease!

As mothers, we are always second-guessing ourselves. Did we do this right? Could I have done something differently? Did I handle this situation correctly? It’s no wonder that when we do something right, we’re surprised! And what’s really crazy, is that we are probably doing a lot more right than we give ourselves credit for. But it’s so hard to realize that when our kids aren’t necessarily ‘happy’ with us all the time. I’ve always felt that if my kids were happy with me all the time, then I probably wasn’t doing my job correctly. After all, this is not a popularity contest, it’s motherhood. Here are some ideas shared with me that, after looking back, the mother (or father) felt they did the right thing.

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