‘Jar of Awesome’ and 20 Other Cool Jar Ideas

The ‘jarring’ concept is an easy and practical way to make positive additions or changes in your life. Create several jars on different topics or choose to focus on just one area. Each jar can be used for only yourself or get the whole family involved. Some jar ideas even lend themselves to creating a spirit of healthy competition among family members, which will provide added motivation. Here are 20+ cool jarring ideas.

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Beyond “Please & Thank You”… 3 Ways to Raise a Polite Toddler

The importance of saying this or doing that is figured out over the course of a lifetime, but there are some fundamentals we can try to teach our kids to get them off on the right foot. The days of children being seen and not heard are long over, so I’m working hard to make sure what comes out of my toddler’s mouth only makes me cringe about half of the time. Here are 3 ways to raise a polite toddler.

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