7 High Blood Pressure Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

The worst thing about high blood pressure is that it often has few or no symptoms at all. So, chances are people will have it for years without any information about it. Since hypertension can have serious implications, the lack of apparent symptoms makes it even more dangerous among those who suffer. If not controlled, it can cause risk to arteries and becomes a risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems.

It is advisable to have a blood pressure checker at hand and check yourself from time to time to keep risks at bay. After all, hypertension is generally a chronic condition that can either result directly from other health conditions or may develop gradually over time. In some cases, it can also be hereditary in nature. So, it is imperative to get tested at regular intervals and take appropriate medical consultation for hypertension.

Risks Associated with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous simply because it shows virtually no signs or symptoms and continue to worsen. Furthermore, you may have high readings on your blood pressure checking machine, but it somehow does not show up in the body, which makes hypertension a serious problem.

Here are some of risks often linked to hypertension –

1. Heart attack

Heart attack is one of the major risks associated with hypertension. The condition can damage arteries or make them blocked, therefore blood is unable to flow to tissues in the heart muscles.

2. Stroke

High blood pressure can also lead to strokes so it should not be ignored. It can cause a clogging in the brain blood vessels or even burst them, leading to a stroke.

3. Heart failure

Hypertension can increase the workload of the heart, which might enlarge the organ. In such cases, the heart fails to properly supply food to the body leading to its failure.

4. Kidney disease or failure

The condition of hypertension may also have a huge impact on kidney disease leading to its failure in some cases as well. It can damage the arteries around the kidneys, which may hamper their ability to filter the blood.

5. Vision loss

Hypertension is also associated with vision loss. This condition can either damage or strain the blood vessels in the eye resulting in a complete loss of vision.

6. Sexual dysfunction

Hypertension may also lead to sexual problems in both the sexes. It can be responsible for lowering the libido in women while causing erectile dysfunction in men.

7. Angina

Angina or chest pain may be caused due to sustained high blood pressure in the body over time. So, trust blood pressure machines and keep yourself well aware at all times.

How to Stay Safe with Hypertension

  • Check your blood pressure on a regular basis
  • Know the factors and causes leading to the problem
  • Manage your blood pressure and take steps in right direction
  • Make life-style changes as consulted by the doctor and lead a healthier life
  • Take medications properly and always be in touch with the doctor

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