Spring Cleaning Tips and Checklist

Winter tends to keep us somewhat lazy and less productive when it comes to house cleaning. However, once the first spring sun shines and the temperatures rise, we instantly feel more awake and start getting ready for spring cleaning. From dusting, vacuuming, washing the drapes, through thorough cleaning, wiping, decluttering and all the way to polishing, spring-cleaning is anything but easy and fast. Therefore, be sure to have your checklist ready before you get your hands dirty.

1. Around the House

Nice weather simply calls for thorough window cleaning. Therefore, be sure to wash them inside and out and make them sparkle. Rub kerosene on both sides of window screens and later rinse them with soap and water to clean them well. Don’t forget to wipe the sills too. If your drapes don’t need washing, but you just want to refresh them a bit, run them in the dryer for 15 minutes with a damp towel and put it on an air-fluff cycle. The towel will attract all the dust and your drapes will be as good as new. When you start dusting, be sure to do it carefully. This means you’ll have to take each and every little knickknack from the shelves and dust it, as well as the entire shelf itself. Don’t neglect a single corner, as you might have done it in the winter; be sure to pay attention to the doorways, tops of kitchen cabinets and ceiling fans as well. Furthermore, move all the furniture and clean behind and underneath them. Vacuum and clean the carpets, and deep-clean the flooring.

2. In the Bedroom

Pay special attention to bedding and pillows, and wash them. Furthermore, take the blankets outside and leave them in theKitchen Cleaning Tips - Hooray for Moms sun and fresh air for at least a couple of hours. Spring is usually a huge problem for those who have allergies, so if you or your kids suffer from them, don’t forget to change the filters and purifiers throughout you home as well.

3. In the Kitchen

Mix abrasive salt with bubbly soda water and clean the inside of the refrigerator with it. The best solution for lime build-up around the faucet is a paper towel soaked with vinegar. Place it on top of the fixture and leave it for an hour, and you’ll be able to clean it easily after it softens. Stainless steel, glass and chrome appliances take special care, so you should clean them with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Your oven will definitely need some serious scrubbing as well, so before you set it to self-clean, make sure all the major spills are cleaned. Dedicate some time to pantry organizing as well. A couple of food products are probably long out of date, so throw everything away that you can no longer use.

4. In the Bathroom  Bathroom Cleaning Tips - Hooray for Moms

Clean the shower and the bathroom walls with a bathroom spray or pine cleaner, and leave it on while you do the rest of the work. Eventually, go back and scrub the dirt away. If you’re battling the mildew on drains, faucet heads, and shower heads as most people do, vinegar is a great solution. Just soak the fixtures in it and they’ll be squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts

Spring cleaning can turn into a real marathon. This is especially true if your house is big and you haven’t cleaned it as thoroughly during winter as you should have. Therefore, get your buckets, brooms, cloths and sprays and get ready for an entire day of sweeping, dusting and cleaning. Once you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve just moved into a brand-new home.

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