Pregnancy and Skincare: Which Products Are Safe?

Pregnancy is the beginning of a great change in your life: you are going to become a mother. Needless to say, the life as you know it will be different; actually, it already is different. You will be taking care of yourself and your child in the following months – you will be eating and sleeping for both of you, and you should think about safety as well. Caution is advised when it comes to physical activity and diet, but skincare is also an important thing. We offer you a list of safe products to use during your pregnancy and afterwards.

Avoid: Hair dyes with ammonia

If you are dyeing your hair, you are most likely exposed to ammonia, a compound of hydrogen. This ingredient is found in a number of hair dye formulas and the sensitive skin of your scalp is in contact with it whenever you freshen up your hair dye. There is a number of reasons why dyeing your hair during pregnancy should be avoided, at least in the first trimester of pregnancy when your baby is the most sensitive. Even though your skin does not absorb a lot of chemicals from the dye, you still get in contact with harmful synthetic chemicals. Instead of dyeing your hair, try an alternative: highlighting, frosting or streaking, or use non-ammonia products.

Choose: Products with SPF

You will soon learn that your skin has become more sensitive since you became pregnant, which means you should use gentle ingredients and protect it from the elements. Sun is particularly tricky because it simultaneously helps your skin produce vitamin D and dries it out. Dermatologists highly recommend using gentle skin care products with an SPF. For extremely sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with a touch of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The minerals are completely natural and gentle, and they help soothe sensitive skin during pregnancy.

Avoid:  Cleansers with salicylic acid

While extremely gentle face cleansers with less than 2% of salicylic acid are generally considered safe, some more aggressive ones should be avoided. Since people who struggle with acne use all kinds of exfoliating products with salicylic acid, it can be a bit difficult switching to a gentler cleanser. Today, there are even products that use a combination of acids and are called combination peels, but during pregnancy you should opt for products which are purer and contain only one of the acids which are recommended by doctors and dermatologists. Mandelic, lactic, and glycolic acids are all considered perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.

Choose: Belly butter with vitamin E

One of the worst things about pregnancy are the stretch marks which appear almost as a rule on every woman. They appear on your breasts and on your belly and are the result of hormonal changes as well as of the rapid growth of your body to accommodate the baby. Vitamin E can help you combat these stretch marks effectively, and you can add it to your ordinary body lotion or you can prepare your own belly butter. If you choose to do the latter, use natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and beeswax.

The safety of your child should come first, but it does not mean that you should ignore your own needs and desires. Taking good care of yourself means that you will be safe and happy, and in turn, your child will be safe and happy as well. Pamper yourself, treat yourself and your body kindly because both you and your unborn child will benefit from it greatly in the months to come.

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