18 Fun & Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Looking for that perfect last-minute gift for someone special on your Christmas list? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of unique and awesome gifts that are sure to please! Here are 18 last-minute Christmas gifts for both kids and parents.



Snap Circuits
Each Snap Circuits kit includes color-coded, real-circuit components that snap together to create devices with working electronic circuits such as a radio, lights, siren, fan, or even a rover. The innovative kits offer do-it-yourself projects that gives kids an entertaining, fun and concrete education on how electronics work.



Sleepytime Club
Sleepytime Club helps you establish a blissful bedtime routine that is 20 minutes or less. Similar to a book-of-the-month club, Sleepytime Club sends you a story, song and quiet mindful activities each month that are perfect for bedtime. The story helps children quiet down as they prepare for bed, while the MP3 provides a soothing song that helps lull little ones into slumber.


Messmatz Creativity Mats
Messmatz Creativity Mats are flexible mats designed to keep your kids’ play area clean and surfaces protected. The mat is made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone and measures 24” x 18”, allowing for plenty of room to play. The mat protects surfaces from markers, paints, and more, and cleans easily. When it’s time to store it, simply roll up the mat. Available in blue, green and pink.


Oliver PoonsThe Adventures of Oliver Poons
Follow a cute little white cat, Oliver Poons, as he learns about colors in The Adventures of Oliver Poons Dreaming in Color. Kids can also learn to be themselves and that being different is a good thing while reading Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat. Both books are filled with colorful and lively illustrations, making them delightful reads for both kids and parents.


Green Toys Submarine
This submarine will take your kids on a nautical journey during as they play in the bath or pool. Not only is a fun toy, but it’s made from 100% recycled milk jugs making it an eco-friendly toy. The submarine is sturdy and features a rear spinning propeller, flat bottom, handle, and wide mouth allowing kids to scoop and pour water. The submarine floats and the flat bottom prevents it from rolling over.


Brain Flakes
Kids’ imaginations run wild while learning spatial thinking and motor skills with Brain Flakes. The kit contains more than 500 colorful discs that easily click together and apart to construct any design your child can imagine.



Construction Engineering Set
Kids can create animals, robots, helicopters and more with this 90-piece construction set. Using large, plastic bolts and screws, kids can connect the pieces into endless configurations, all while developing motor skills and creativity.



Cool Circuits
Enjoy solving 40 puzzles by completing the circuit challenge and lighting up the board with Cool Circuits. Check out the puzzle cards and snap 8 3D circuit pieces into various configurations on the light-up board. You can also come up with your own configurations to make the board light up. A solution book is included.



Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game
Kids will thoroughly enjoy building their own video game with Bloxels, a new toy in the STEM universe that teaches basic coding. Put the Bloxels on the included board, scan it with a smartphone or table, and watch the video game come to life. Kids begin by creating a basic level, then add to it by creating a character that they will then play as by using the app on a smartphone or tablet.


The Code-a-Pillar, from Fisher-Price, teaches preschoolers basic coding by allowing them to arrange and rearrange segments in various combinations. With each new configuration, the Code-a-Pillar follows a new path. Kids can set up targets around the room, then work to find the proper configuration of segments to reach the target.


My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
Kids will learn the basics of science from science tools to chemical reactions with My First Mind Blowing Science Kit. Mind blowing experiments include making a color-changing volcano, creating a sunset in a test tube, and more. Children will have a blast learning about the natural world through these fun and exciting experiments.




Li’l DaVinci Art Cabinet
The L’il DaVinci Art Cabinet allows you to create an ever-changing display of your child’s beautiful art. The frame measures 11.25” x 13.75” and can hold up to 50 8.5” x 11” sheets of artwork, awards, photos and more. The front of the cabinet has a latch enabling you to open it easily, change the picture, close, re-latch. The frame can be hung both vertically and horizontally, and comes with an acid-free mat and hanging hardware. Black, white, and cherry finish are available.
US orders: dynamicframes.com; UK orders: http://www.2tech.co.uk/collections/kids


Codename Cupcake – Great Stocking Stuffer!
Any mom who has served on the PTO or PTA will surely have a good laugh with Codename Cupcake. This comedy/mystery novel follows Molly Peterson, a frazzled, suburban mom who has been selected by a secret organization to infiltrate her son’s school via the PTA. Her adventures are humorous and will keep you turning the pages.


RicairLuxury Mother & Baby Maternity Hampers
These lovely hampers and gift sets from Ricair are the perfect gift for new moms and babies. Hampers and gift sets include VOYA skincare products such as body oils and cremes for mom, as well as welcome gifts for the baby such as Sophie the Giraffe. Additionally, you’ll find everything you need for your hospital bag including wipes, baby brush, eye mask and more.



Go the F**k to Sleep
This hilarious book should be required reading for all parents. This beautiful picture book is not meant for little ones, as it captures exactly what all parents are thinking – in all their glorious, honest profanity. It won’t lull a little one to sleep, but sure to get a great laugh!


Spa Gift Card – Great Stocking Stuffer!
Who wouldn’t want a spa day – especially after the holidays! Send your loved one (or yourself) to  a day of pampering with a spa gift card.


Zendoway Cubes – Great Stocking Stuffer!
Zendoway Cubes are soft, squeezable cubes with messages on each side that start the conversation with kids and adults. The cubes instill compassion and mindfulness by opening the door for kids to express their feelings. Such prompts include, “I am proud,” “I feel,” “I love,” and “I wonder.” Each person takes a turn tossing the cube and then responding to the message that is on top.


Vandotsch Speculaas Spice Jar and Wooden Molds – Great Stocking Stuffer!
Speculaas spice dates back to the 18th century in the Netherlands. The aromatic spice mix consists of nine spaces including cinnamon from Sri Lanka, cloves, and ginver, as well as six other secret spices that give the mix a kick. The spices are used in making delicious biscuits/cookies that will fill your home with an aroma that draws you to the kitchen. Additionally, the wood-carved molds create authentic looking Danish speculaas biscuits and features windmills and men and women in traditional Dutch attire.


Kellie S

Kellie S

Kellie Sandrik is the creator of the online magazine Hooray for Moms. She has been writing for more than a decade about everything from parenting to travel to money-saving tips and more. She is the proud mother of two boys who drive her nuts and make her fall deeper in love with them on a daily basis. Her favorite thing to do is experience new adventures with her boys and husband.
Kellie S
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Kellie S

Kellie Sandrik is the creator of the online magazine Hooray for Moms. She has been writing for more than a decade about everything from parenting to travel to money-saving tips and more. She is the proud mother of two boys who drive her nuts and make her fall deeper in love with them on a daily basis. Her favorite thing to do is experience new adventures with her boys and husband.

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