4 Tips to Help You Survive the Holidays

As the classic song goes, the holidays really are “the most wonderful time of the year.” Between the cozy scent and warmth of the fireplace, festive holiday parties and catching up with loved ones – the merriment of the season is endless.

Preparing for the holidays, however, can be a different story. From crowded malls to impressing house guests, this holiday survival guide can help you get more out of the season while maneuvering the process with impressive ease. Here are 4 tips to help you survive the holidays.

1. Master the Mall

Don’t let the fear of large crowds, retail prices and packed stores stop you from completing your holiday shopping list. If you want to avoid long lines, try visiting the mall when it first opens in the morning and plan which stores to visit first. However, if you are only available during prime shopping hours, the holiday lights and decorations can make the trek to the mall worth your time.

2. Go Digital

Embrace technology as your shopping companion and download an app to uncover unbeatable sales to ensure you please your little elves without breaking the bank.

3. Prepare for Anything

Every savvy holiday host knows to expect the unexpected. Plan a few activities for out-of-town guests so your house never feels too cramped. Create a master schedule of everyone’s travel plans so you always know who will be home at any given time. Make a list of what you want your main holiday meal to look like, and give yourself extra time to prep and adjust ahead of time if anyone requires special accommodations. By making sure all of your ducks are in a row before the festivities begin, you will be able to get the most out of the holidays with minimal stress.

4. Don’t Stress the Mess

Holiday parties are a great occasion to break out a vibrant red lipstick or festive cocktail, but can also lead to smudges and spills on your clothes. Act fast and you’ll be able to remove these red stains before they set in and ruin your clothes or furniture.


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