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Every parent only wants the best for their children. Sadly, thousands of children are exposed to cancer-causing sun damage. Here to help is brimsuits, the protective wearable children love.

Children are the most precious things in the lives of any parent; thus, no parent wants to expose their children to unnecessary dangers. Yet one danger is so common that it lurks unnoticed in the daily lives of kiddos: the sun. In fact, 90 percent of skin damage and skin cancer is attributed to sunlight exposure. Common solutions include sunscreen and hats, but sunscreen is messy, and hats constantly fall off. This is where the patent-pending brimsuits fills its niche. The brimsuit is stylish, kid-friendly, and most importantly, protective. With the brimsuit children can get their recommended 60 minutes per day of outdoor play without exposing their developing cells to dangerous ultraviolet (UV) damage.

The brimsuit itself works by pairing protective fabric with innovative design. The product is formed from a single piece of fabric that makes up both a shirt and a hood. This design choice keeps the hood attached at all times. As a side benefit, the troubles of pairing a matching hat and shirt are gone as every Brimsuit hood-shirt combo is designed stylishly. Additionally, the hood comes with a drawstring to accommodate any head size, ensuring the fit is always snug, but never restrictive. As for the fabric, the material comes in either a waterproof brimsuit or an athletic brimshirt material. Both of these styles are 50+ UPF fabrics, keeping dangerous rays away from the sensitive skin of little adventurers.

A project as innovative as this one requires a not insignificant amount of capital to distribute. To remedy this issue, Dominique Parrish, the woman behind brimsuits, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. There are less than two weeks left to fund the campaign and bring this innovation into reality. Thankfully, the campaign has received recognition from backerclub.co and even Kickstarter itself as a hand-selected “project we love”. Donors will be rewarded with anything from a set of koozies from the “No Kids Yet” package to a first edition Brimsuit. With the help of readers, the brimsuit will save thousands of children from avoidable skin damage.

About brimsuits

brimsuits was conceived by Dominique Parrish, the happily married mother of a precious 18-month-old named Evelyn. Like many mothers, she wanted to keep her daughter safe from the sun, but Evelyn hates hats. To solve the problem, she put her North Carolina State education to the test and drew up a sketch of the first brimsuit prototype. With the help of a NC State professor, she has been able to start production of brimsuits and is excited to distribute them around the word.

To learn more or support Brimsuit visit the Kickstarter campaign page.


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