Kids Learn the Art of Comedy at Yuksters

Yuksters kidsParents approve of—the new online Comedy Community for Kids—because it’s safe, educational, and builds self-esteem and confidence.
Comedy-crazed kids love it because it’s a virtual candy store for all things comedy (age-appropriate comedy, that is).

Hone Comedic Skills

The website—which only launched this fall—allows wannabe kid comedians the opportunity to learn about comedy at Yuksters’ new fun and interactive online Comedy University; make comedy videos on the site’s toy-like video editor; collaborate with other kids online to make group comedy videos; and of course, they can even get tips, critiques, and encouragement from professional comedians. Yuksters calls these pro mentors Comedy Senseis, all of whom are fully pre-screened before being granted membership.

Share Videos

Once kids have finished making their videos, they can post the fruits of their labor on their own personal virtual stage, raising the curtain for others to react to their creations. Without a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account, kids and tweens can friend, amass likes, make comments, and aspire to be featured.

And if they’re really serious about comedy, they can submit their new comedy videos to real casting calls available on Yuksters from real production companies, like Nick, Disney, and many others.

Where else are they going to get such a complete comedy package? No wonder the Yuksters’ “theme community” trend is well underway.

Five key reasons why Yuksters is fun for kids and tweens:

  1. It’s like starter social media

    For many kids and tweens, Yuksters is their first foray into social media. And Yuksters does everything by the book to make sure it’s a really fun, positive, and encouraging place. That so-called book is the FTC’s COPPA Act, which requires sites geared to the under-13 crowd to first obtain parental consent before giving members access to the site. Yuksters is an opportunity for kids to gain exposure to social media without all of the potentially negative drama that comes with a Facebook or Instagram account. And unlike YouTube, the Yuksters’ Police make sure all content is age-appropriate.

  2. It’s great for comedy (and actors) discovery

    The site introduces kids and tweens to comedy and performance basics, and channels their creativity to help them come up with their own comedy ideas. Kids can use their phones or cameras to shoot and upload to their own video library that can then be finessed on the site’s toy-like video editor; they can even add sound effects and music which is available for free on the editor.

  3. It’s a fun-filled way to express creativity

    According to data from Smarty Pants’ 2015 Young Love study, 15% of kids six to 12 years of age make videos with a digital device at least once a week, and 45% “pretend” to make videos with the same frequency. Kids love making videos and provides a safe and encouraging place for them to do it. Plus, Yuksters gives them the tools they need, like Yuksters’ state-of-the-art interactive Comedy University that seamlessly integrates with their own toy-like video editor, and, of course, a forum for the kids to feature their efforts.

  4. It helps boost confidence

    Successful public speaking is a practiced skill that in large part depends on performance techniques. And, of course, the better you do it, the more positive affirmation you get which leads to increased self-esteem and confidence. It’s a wonderful upward spiral. And garnering mostly positive affirmation from potentially thousands of peers is a good start. Yuksters isn’t like Instagram where posters are being judged on the mostly superficial. At Yuksters they’re creating something that’s creative and unique and deserving of merit. Yuksters has several features that encourages members to create positive vibes. There’s tag icons for “hilarious” and “Like a Pro” and “Great Mash-up.” Plus members can add other members to their “Call-Outs,” creating a public play list of their favorite Yuksters’ members comedy videos. And Yuksters urges observers to “say something nice” with their comments.

  5. It incubates stars

    The list of former no-names who became names thanks to social media is long. For example, comedians KingBach and Brittany Furlan owe a debt of gratitude to the internet, as do many, many others. Plus invites casting agents, talent scouts and other entertainment executives to frequent the site.

If you know a kid who loves comedy, he or she can create a free Yuksters account right now at

Scott Lavitt

Scott Lavitt

Scott Lavitt is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, where he studied graphic arts and earned a masters in English. He lives in Southern California with his fiancée, Judie, and his daughter, Danielle, the inspiration for Yuksters, a safe, educational and fun place for kids to learn and do comedy.
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