3 Car Hacks for Keeping the Family Vehicle Clean, Safe & Organized

We all know how quickly the family car can turn into—what appears to be—the family garbage truck. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When the toys, trash, and stuff of everyday living take over your car, it’s time to look to these three clean car hacks to keep it clean, organized, and safe for the whole family.

Clean As You Go

Your first line of defense against clutter in your car is to always take something with you when you hop out of it. Every time you stop at a gas station, store, or head inside the house, glance around the car and take any trash or toys with you. Even when I think it’s clean, I always seem to find that one candy wrapper or toy that’s fallen on the floor. (Safety note: if you’re cleaning out the interior while gassing up, make sure you touch the metal body of your car before touching the pump so you avoid the risk of static electricity igniting gasoline vapor.)

Get tricky and re-purpose household items into cleaning items just the right size for your car:

  • Insert a small trash bag into an empty cereal box or plastic cereal dispenser – voila!, it’s a trash can now.
  • Grab a used paper towel roll and fill it with grocery bags. Stash it under the seat and you have a trash bag ready any time you need it!
  • Turn that empty coffee container into a toy box. It’s great because you can close the lid so toys don’t float around the car. You can even let the kids decorate their own ‘toy box’ with paints or markers to make it personalized and fun!
  • Stock a plastic shoe bin with automotive wipes, coffee filters, cotton swabs, and towels so you can wipe off fingerprints and spills as they happen.

Use Your Car’s Space Wisely

When it comes to your car’s interior, by using the space wisely you’ll keep organized and uncluttered.

  • Insert a tool belt in the door pockets to create the perfect area for small items such as hand sanitizer and mini tissue containers (and what family doesn’t need those items at the handy?).
  • Stretch a bungee cargo web across the ceiling and secure to the overhead handles, and you have yourself a convenient spot for winter jackets.
  • Hang a plastic over-the-door shoe storage bag over the headrest and you’ve created a great place for the kids to put their books, toys, and crayons that’s within their reach.

Have the Kids Help Out

Nine times out of 10, kids are the main culprits (or scapegoats?) when it comes to a dirty and cluttered family car. But, they can also be a major part of the solution. Purchase a small vehicle broom and dustpan and let the kids sweep out the car at the end of the day. This alone may just prevent them from being such messy eaters and letting crumbs fall to the ground. If your family is heading out on a road trip, make a game out of keeping the car clean by putting each child in charge of their area of the car. The kid who keeps their area the cleanest wins a prize at the end of the trip.

By utilizing these hacks, you can make sure your family car stays just that and never ends up as the garbage truck.

Image via Flikr by woodleywonderworks

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