Kitchen Hack: How to Remove Hardened Grease from Food

Kitchen hack - Remove grease on food with Cling Wrap
Hardened grease adheres to Cling Wrap, making it easy to remove from food!

You know how grease on food sets up and hardens while in the refrigerator, and then you have to very carefully scoop it off the surface before reheating your food? Well, we discovered an even quicker way to get rid of that unwanted grease with this nifty kitchen hack!

How to Remove Hardened Grease from Food

Next time you have leftovers of a greasy dish, simply put it into a bowl and cover it with Cling Wrap, making sure the Cling Wrap is touching the surface of your food. Put it into the fridge and once the grease is set, you can simply peel back the Cling Wrap and the hardened grease will come with it. The grease sticks to the Cling Wrap making it an easy task to remove. Voila! A grease-free meal without the hassle of scooping out all the bits.


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